The Feast! - Cancelled

The Feast! Has been cancelled due to Marion County Board of Health issues. Please keep your eye on this page, we're seeing what can be done!

CANCELLED - We are seeking recourse to be able to continue our tradtion of honoring the 2nd Harvest with a YThanksgiving style feeast to share with all who hunger. Please keep an eye out.

Mabon, the Fall Equinox, is a day of Harvest Festival & Feasting. As we come together, we each bring to the table our own unique spirit to share with one another.

To celebrate this occasion Indy Pagan Pride Day we hold a community meal and pitch in from 1130AM to 130PM - Bring a dish to share!!! We all love desserts!!! We need side dishes as well as desserts this year! Someone said I get people to bring too may cookies and cakes and chocolate, so, if you are bringing a desert, talk your friends into bringing sides! (WE WANT THE DESERTS, AS WELL!)

*****New policy for the year regarding the feast - You must be wearing/ be able to present a wristband to get food.*****

Feast Details:

  • IPPD provides meat, buns, condiments, tableware, and GRILLIN!.
  • IPPD does not supply beverages or ice. We do provide cups if you would like to bring beverages to share.
  • Please deliver off any dishes you are sharing for the meal at the back end of the Main Shelter before 1130AM if possible to ensure the volunteers have time to get the tables prepared
    • If your dish requires refrigeration, you will need to bring your own cooler and either deliver between 11AM & 1130AM or leave your cooler in the feast area.
    • Please provide utensils with your dish if they are required.
    • Please mark any items (dishes, utensils, coolers, ect) if possible to provide easier identification when items are retrieved
    • IPPD is not responsible for lost, forgotten, or damaged items.
    • Any items not recovered by 3PM from the Feast area will be considered a donation to next year's Indy Pagan Pride Day Feast
  • Note: Due to financial constraints, we are unable to provide meat alternatives

If you find yourself hungry for something other than a gold ol' fashioned pitchin or don't get there in time, there will be a hot dog cart on site as well as there are multiple types of fast food as well as sit down restaurants in either direction on Broad Ripple Ave/ E62nd St.