Lactation Station

The Lactation Station is a welcoming space where you can comfortably feed your child. We will have chairs and blankets available to sit or lay upon. Please come and make yourself

comfortable and enjoy the company of other mothers. We welcome all mothers, no matter how they choose to feed their child, as long as they are open and accepting.

We will have information from local Midwives for those who are pregnant or planning to be available.

Are men allowed to sit in with Mom?

We recognize that fathers are an important part or the support structure of a nursing mother. Because of this, we do welcome men to sit in as long as they are respectful the entire time.

Lactation Station Rules:

~ No Smoking in or near Lactation Station.

~Always be respectful and kind.

~Men are welcome as long as they are accompanying Mom and are respectful of other nursing mothers.

~Please clean up after yourselves so other mother's can enjoy the space.

~No insults and no drama. If you have an issue with someone else's style of parenting, keep it to yourself. We are all mothers, and

should use this space to build each other up, not tear each other down.

~Children must always be attended by an adult.

~The Lactation Station reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the booth if we feel they are pushing boundaries or being a nuisance.

Who Are We?

In 2013, Elaine Brown was a brand new mom and trying to learn the ins and outs of breastfeeding her tiny daughter. One of her very first outings with her baby was Indianapolis Pagan Pride. Elaine spent most of the day at her mother's information booth, nursing her baby in a camp chair. As the day went on, many of her friends came to sit in the booth to nurse their babies as well. Elaine decided that next year, there needed to be a dedicated space for nursing mothers that needed it. Thus began the IPPD Lactation Station. Elaine loves meeting other mothers, nursing, and starting conversations about all things baby,

motherhood, and Paganism.